Distributors Processing, Inc. (dba DPI GLOBAL), a privately-owned company, is a recognized authority for natural wetting agent and surfactant technologies in the horticulture industry. Users count on DPI GLOBAL products for the highest degree of confidence in their quality, efficacy, safety and reliability.

Since DPI GLOBAL’s establishment in 1965, it has been our goal to bring innovative technologies to the marketplace that are supported by extensive research over time, under highly controlled conditions, in both university and private research facilities and laboratories.

Employees are individually dedicated to serving our customers in a timely and efficient manner. We truly believe in “Taking Care of Business” because our customers are No. 1 with us! Our field staff works hand in hand with the home office, as well as our numerous distributors worldwide to provide the best possible assistance and support to our customers.

Our technologies are 100% natural because “We Care®” about you, your families, neighbors and the environment. For over 50 years, DPI GLOBAL has developed innovative, all-natural technologies for a multitude of industries that are engineered to provide benefits ranging from water and nutrient absorption in soil to environmental sustainability and maximum animal and crop performance.

DPI GLOBAL is headquartered in Porterville, California, where it also operates quality control laboratories and manufacturing facilities.

DPI GLOBAL’s Vision:

  • To be a significant company within the Agricultural Industry
  • DPI GLOBAL will be significant when the Agricultural Industry recognizes and extols:
  • The quality and value of our technologies and service
  • The professionalism and character of our people
  • The merit of our business practices
  • The standing and integrity of our customers
  • Our contribution to the overall success of the industry


DPI GLOBAL’s Mission and Values:

To promote a positive working environment and long-term relationship with our customers and employees by:

Providing our customers with the best technologies that return the highest value

Providing products that represent the latest advances in technology

Continually investing in technology to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market

Providing a workplace for our employees where they are motivated and challenged.


We welcome ideas or communication from you that might assist us in finding a better way to serve you and your needs. Please contact us by phone or by email.

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For more information about DPI GLOBAL, to obtain samples, purchase product, or for general inquiries please contact:

Distributors Processing, Inc.
17656 Avenue 168
Porterville, CA 93257
Phone: (800) 654-3693
International Callers: (559) 781-0297

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